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[NEW] HSV Eraser 2020 – Does This Herpes Treatment Really Work?

After reading so many customer reviews, you must be wondering if HSV Eraser (aka Herpes Simplex Virus Eraser) is legit or scam. Before giving you a one-line answer, let me give you a comprehensive and unbiased overview of the program since I have been herpes victim myself.

Those who don’t know me, I never give my opinion on any program until I get it and test it myself.

Why Did I Decide To Buy HSV Eraser?

I got it so that I can show you member area

HSV Eraser members area

Before opting for this book, I read many reviews on the internet about herpes and its possible cures.

Many people were in the opinion that there is no cure. Even medical experts and doctors say it might be possible to mask the symptoms with medicines but it’s not possible to get rid of it completely.

When I visited the official website of HSV Eraser, I watched the video, and I was convinced to give it a try since it is protected with 60 days money-back guarantee.

I grew up seeing my dad reversing his type 2 diabetes with Neem leaves so I always believe Mother Nature has a cure for every disease but these medical companies never want us to know.

Since the video was talking about organic compounds, that’s the reason I was convinced to give it a try.

What Is Inside The HSV Eraser Member Area?

HSV Eraser books

Important Note: This book is now available in Digistore24 that is popular online merchant. When you purchase any online program/eBook from Digistore24 then it will show a charge from “Digistore24.” They do this for security and privacy reasons.

At the time of writing this HSV Eraser review, here are following books I received inside the member area:

New HSV Eraser

This is the 108-page book that talks about a variety of topics regarding herpes such as what is herpes, its types, symptoms, and myths. The last chapter talks about how to get rid of it through natural components.

(I’ll cover more about this book in a little bit)

[Bonus] Constipation Causes

This is the short 43-page book that talks about constipation, its causes, effects, and symptoms. This book also provides a healing plan along with natural remedies to end constipation and has a normal bowel movement.

[Bonus] Flatulence Causes

This is again a short 43-page book that talks about flatulence, its levels, causes, and foods that limit it. This book also provides a 4-step healing plan along with natural remedies.

[Bonus] Diarrhea Causes

This is a short 45-page book that talks about Diarrhea and how fungi, bacteria, and viruses contribute to this condition. This book also contains a 3-step healing plan along with alternative remedies for Diarrhea.

What Is Inside HSV Eraser Book?

HSV Eraser Contents

This Herpes Simplex Virus Eraser book is divided into three chapters along with a chapter each for introduction and conclusion.

Here’s is the overview of each chapter


The introduction chapter talks about the herpes virus and tells you why it is difficult to treat this virus.

You will find out about some common medicines to treat the herpes virus.

This chapter gives you an overview of herpes, its related medical conditions, and what you are going to expect from this book.

Chapter 1: Facing The Enemy – Common Medical Approach On Herpes

In this chapter, you will learn about herpes virus in detail.

In the beginning, you will learn about herpes and its types.

This chapter also covers some common signs & symptoms, along with a brief history of the virus.

Next, in this chapter, you will learn about medicine approach on diagnosing and living with HSV.

In the end, you can read stories of females who are living with herpes and how they are battling with this condition.

Chapter 2: Herpes Myths And Misconceptions:

As its name implies, this chapter will remove all myths and misconceptions about the herpes virus.

This chapter talks about recommendations that your doctor will make, along with some conventional medical treatment for herpes.

In this treatment, you will also find why the medical industry doesn’t want to find a permanent cure for this condition.

Chapter 3: Get Rid Of The Herpes For Good:

This chapter is the most important chapter of this book as it talks about removing herpes using natural remedies.

This chapter provides 10 steps, along with foods that will improve your immune system and overall health.

Remember, these 10 steps make your immune system stronger that fights against different viruses such as herpes, coronavirus (COVID-19), etc.

I have provided you a detailed look at the main manual, now I will explain how this program work.

How Does It Work?

The HSV Eraser uses the body’s natural ability to fight against the herpes virus.

Before I talk about how it works, let me give you a little overview of herpes so it will be easy for you to understand.

Why Is Herpes Difficult To Cure?

The body has natural agents that fight against diseases, infections, viruses, and bad bacteria. However, the problem with the herpes virus is that it multiplies itself and also hides from the body soldiers.

Medicines only stop the herpes virus from multiplying (growing) – however, they don’t cure the virus as the body doesn’t know where it is hiding.

Research Breakthrough On Herpes Cure

Two experts, Dr. Ken Languin and Dr. Christine Buehler research together to find a way to separate the virus from the protein in order to impose it so that the immune system can fight against it.

Herpes CureAfter testing different chemicals, they finally able to find a solution. This solution includes natural chemicals available inside foods, vegetables, herbs, and plants. The combination of these natural substances make a solution that separate virus from the protein and make it visible for the immune system to fight against it.

Now the next step was to make the immune system strong enough to fight against this herpes virus and stop it from hiding again. For that, they used different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to achieve their objective that was a stronger immune system.

Once they came with their plan, they tested it first on a group of 479 females, and all of them came out virus free in just 30 days.

Since Dr. Christine Buehler is also the author of HSV Eraser, that is why she has shared this plan that has helped more than 27,000 females from across the world.

It doesn’t matter where ever you live, you can find these natural substances from grocery and herbal store.

Is Dr. Christine’s HSV Eraser A Scam?

By now, you may have realized that the HSV Eraser by Dr. Christine Buehler is NOT A SCAM. The negative news and reviews are spread by agents of the medical industry who don’t want a product with natural ways come to your way.

This is the same case with diabetes. As I already told you, I grew up watching my dad consuming Neem leaves with water in the morning before breakfast, and now he has sugar level in the normal range and also enjoys eating mangos.

Similarly, Herpes Simplex Virus Eraser is the step-by-step plan that uses the power of organic substances that Mother Nature has gifted us to cure this virus.

Pricing can be a factor for some people as the current price of HSV Eraser book is $60 but if you compare it with the money you already wasted on medicines with no cure, then you will agree this is the right price for this program.

My Final Suggestion: Download HSV Eraser and test it for 60 days. If you are not able to get rid of herpes, just email at and ask for a refund.

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